Who is the Southeast Texas CISM Team?

In early 2000, several concerned emergency workers and counselors came together to discuss establishing a CISM team in Southeast Texas.  We were one of the few areas in the State that did not have an organized team to respond to emergencies.  Several of us traveled to Austin, College Station and  Houston to go through the required 16 hour basic training course required to be on a CISM team.  Every member of our team is a volunteer who donates their time, expertise, skill, and energy to assist their fellow emergency workers whenever they are called upon.  We currently have 16 dedicated and active team members who participate in responding to emergencies.  We also have 7 associate members who attend meetings and provide support and who are in the process of obtaining the required training to participate as  team members.

Presently, we have 4 firefighters, 5 law enforcement officers, 2 EMS workers,  1 chaplain and 4  mental health professionals on our team. 

Each team member responds to emergencies at their own expense and on their own time.  We never ask for reimbursement from the agency or organization requesting our assistance.


What Has the Team Done, So Far?

Our team is recognized by the State of Texas as an official CISM team.  This application required formal organization, including, electing officers and developing By Laws and Operating Procedures.  In December, 2000, we received official notification that our team has been recognized by the Texas Department of Health, Emergency Service Division as an approved CISM Team.  Accordingly, we may be called upon to respond to other emergencies outside our area, if necessary.  Examples of when CISM teams have been called upon include the 1999 Texas A & M Bonfire disaster, the Oklahoma City bombing, NYC Terrorists Attack, hurricanes such as Katrina, Rita, Ike, and other catastrophic events around the world.

Additionally, our team has responded to numerous local tragedies involving multiple fatalities.  These have included an airplane crash in Orange County, house fires causing the death of children, car accidents resulting in multiple fatalities, drownings witnessed by many people, Space Shuttle disaster recovery, line of duty deaths, suicides, corporations where fatalities occurred in the workplace, assisted schools where child fatalities occurred on campus, and many other events in our area.


What Does the Team Need?

Since we are a team comprised of  volunteers, we welcome donations to assist with operating funds. Donations assist us in defraying such expenses to our team members when they are required to travel to other locations to conduct debriefing sessions, the cost of educational brochures about stress management for the participants of our sessions, mail, and copying expenses for our meeting materials and brochures about our services.

We would be most grateful for any contribution that could support our cause and would be happy to provide a detailed account of how the money is used.

Contact either of the following individuals if you would like help.

Sally Walden, M.A.

Clinical Director, S.E. Texas CISM


Phone:  409-839-2230


Some organizations who have already contributed to our team:


SETX CISM Donations: (2002-2010)

Reaud, Morgan and Quin - $5,000

Walmart - $1,000 / year for 5 years in a row.

Junior League of Beaumont –Community Assistance Funds $1,000

Woodcrest Elementary PTA - $941

100 Club - $702

Jefferson County Sheriffs Credit Union - $700

Orange County Sheriffs Credit Union - $600

Combined Law Enforcement Association of TX - $500

Port Arthur Police Association - $500

Radley Electric - $500

Orange County Commissioners - $375

Bridge City Fire Dept. - $350

AID Association for Lutherans - $300

Parker and Parks Law Firm - $300

Blue Knights - $200

Jim Tucker - $200

Rotary Club of Nederland - $200

Premcor Refining Group, Inc. - $150

Dennis & Beverly Knight - $140

Mary Railey - $100

Port Neches Police Association - $100

Mr./Mrs. Douglas Jumonville - $100

Hibernia Bank, Beaumont - $100

Market Basket - $50

Bill Nickum - $50

Frank Wallace - $50

In Kind Donations:

Mrs. Bairds

Courville Catering

Eaton Meets

Randy Williamson

Rev. James West